How Does It Work?

There's strength in numbers. Add fuel to your workout in a group environment.

  • Determine which bike you will bring (Tri, Mountain, Road, CX, etc.)
  • Determine what sensors to bring - heart rate monitor strongly recommended, speed and power meters are NOT necessary and will be provided.
  • 10 speed or more gear systems are required
  • Component brands other than Shimano and SRAM may not be compatible
  • Sign up for a class and create a profile (click here)
  • Bring your bike, hydration, and fuel. Towels and/or bike thong is recommended
  • Drive to IOS Cary and come in!
  • Arrive 15 minutes early for setup if possible
  • First timers arrive 30 minutes early for ANT device sync, age/weight/FTP profile setup, and cloud services integration.
  • Warm up
  • Enjoy the class
  • Results will be immediately emailed to you in a fit file and any cloud-based tracking services (such as Strava and Training Peaks) will upload automatically

What is in a class / session

We offer group training series, open sessions, and  ride and race events weekly and on weekends. Open sessions involve coming in at your leisure, syncing to a trainer with a KICKR compatible app on your device, and trainig with your own plan. Training sessions involve structured training with a goal to build fitness over the winter using FTP (functional threshold power). 

What to bring for the best experience

  • Bike (10 or 11 speed shimano or sram)
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Cadence Sensor (independent or built into power meter)
  • Bike Thong
  • Hydration

If you currently do not own a bike thong, heart rate monitor, or cadence sensor, you can purchase one or any other accessory at Inside Out Sports.

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